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Steve Hansen

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10/06/14 03:06 PM #1    

Michael White

I didn't know Steve real well in school. I talked to him some and had hin in a few classes I remember him as being very friendly and a gentle person. Rest in Peace Steve.

06/07/16 04:43 PM #2    

Michael Hyman

I never knew Steve, although the Hansens lived down the street.  In the early 80's, I took Christine, our classmate and Steve's sister, out for dinner a couple of times, on visits to see my mom. At that time, Steve was in the doghouse with their folks for going off to dangerous parts of the world and not telling them much.  Several years later, I read a book review in the Cal alumni magazine of Steve's book, "Stranger in the Forest."  He had made the first solo trek across Borneo by a white man, and had done it both ways, to boot.  He said that the only way he had survived was that the natives had taken care of him along the way.  Because he was unaccompanied, he seemed particularly vulnerable and gained their sympathy.



06/08/16 09:27 AM #3    

Kris Evans (Degen)

I'm confused. Are you guys talking about Chris Hansen's brother, Eric? He's the one who crossed Borneo and wrote several books. 

06/08/16 11:33 AM #4    

Michael White

Kris, I was refering to STEVE HANSEN. I don't know Eric or his brother who crossed Borneo and an author. 

06/08/16 12:30 PM #5    

Tish Berolsky (Meals)

Michael, did the Steve Hansen you are talking about attend Beach School?

06/08/16 04:04 PM #6    

Bob Ball (-)

To clarify, Steve Hansen went to Beach school and junior high school. He finished his senior year at Tech. He was in the entertainment business most of his career and lived in Canada for several years before retiring to Hawaii where he passed away. The other Hansen that Mike Hymen was referring to is Eric Hansen who lived in Mike's neighborhood who went to Havens and graduated from PHS in 1966. Eric's sister is Christine Hansen who was in our PHS class of 1964. Eric travelled through Borneo, etc.

06/08/16 06:10 PM #7    

Tish Berolsky (Meals)

Thank you for the carlification, Bob. I knew Steve well when we were in grammar school. His father and my mother worked at the Oakland Army Base. We used to go to dinners and dancing at the Officer's Club. Those memories are of a very considerate, nice person. I'm sure he will be missed by the many people he touched.



06/09/16 10:03 AM #8    

Kris Evans (Degen)

Thanks, Bob. This is why we elected you class president. My brother and I are both glad to learn that Eric is alive and well.

06/09/16 12:16 PM #9    

Lowell Daun

I remember Steve as a down-to-earth, nice guy. May you R.I.P., Steve.

06/10/16 08:30 PM #10    

Michael Hyman

Sorry all about my weird memory glitch and the confusion it has caused.  Doubly strange because I did, indeed, know Steve Hansen.  He was a great guy!  Very sorry about the mix-up with Christine's brother, Eric!

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