In Memory

Jerry Goldstein



from Velda Egan 9/7/2014
Following High School, Jerry attended Community Colleges and The American College of Electrology.  He moved between Northern California, Maui, Florida and Sea Ranch, finally settling in Eureka.
In the early years, Jerry was a taxi driver, a carpenter, a salesman, an Electrologist, a  head chef and in real estate - each an extention of things he loved to do.  Jerry also loved to fly and  was very proud of receiving his pilots' license.  One item remained  on his bucket list......flying a SR71 (Blackbird). 
By our 40th reunion, he was living in Eureka as a retired GM supervisor.  He was  married to Betty and had 6 children (the youngest of whom would be 40 this year). 
To quote his entry in our 2004 yearbook....
"I have lived a full life and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it....I have no regrets and very little precious time to dwell on any past misgivings - I've had a ball!!!"  
Jerry passed away earlier this year.