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Richard Ryan

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05/18/21 12:58 PM #1    

Bill Holmes

I was so sorry to hear of rich's passing.  Rich and I had been friends for quite a few years, beginning in junior high.  On my first schoolday in Piedmont, he gave me a black eye, and he always thought I'd take him to task for it, but I never did-just wanted to forget about it and continue as friends.  Rest in peace, Rich.

05/19/21 04:39 PM #2    

Bob Ball (-)

Sad to learn of Rich's passing on February 14, 2021 in Harrisburg, OR. Rich was 74. Rich and I have been almost lifetime friends since we met at age 6 in 1952 in Havens lindergarten and a few doors up my street on Estrella Ave.  I remember seeing TV for 1st time in Rich's home in 1954. Rich's Dad had found an old small wrecked plane and brought it home in his yard that we played in for hours. When we were in junior high, the Ryans had a small motorboat and we learned water skiing on Turlock Lake. We played tackle football 7th, 8th, 9th grades. I remember in 9th grade the Ryans had gotten a new Plymuth Fury and when his parents were visiting neighbors, we found the car keys and took it for a ride. I got to ride it first and then just when Rich got in to start the car, the Piedmont police stopped us. I was told to walk home, but Rich got a ride in the police car to the station when they called his Dad. After the 11th grade, Rich's family moved to Modesto so Rich missed his last PHS year. In 1965, I decided to go to Modesto JC where Rich had already started and I found living in a young family next door to Rich's house which had a pool so we spent hours there. Rich married in 1968 and I was his best man.. Rich worked for many years with Shakeys Pizza. Rich had a daughter Kerry who is now 49 and son Shane who is now 35. Rich's 2nd wife died about 7 years ago. Rich's mother Rena had moved up to Paradise in the 1980's and Rich moved there  in the 1990's. We aleays stayed in touch. I remember he came for our 40th PHS '64 reunion and stayed in my house. Due to his failing health with heart problems and Alzheimer and no longer able to drive, he moved to be with his daughter in Harrisburg, OR in 2016. Rich's son took over the Paradise house but then the Paradise fire in 2018 burned the rest. RIP Rich!

05/26/21 08:17 PM #3    

George Kay

I was saddened to hear of Rich's passing. We were friends, brought together by the Rigma club, I have several stories I could share  about Rich as we navigated our high school experience together. The one that is my favorite, and the one that I have shared with my children, is the time Rich and I went to his house for some of his Mom's homemade cookies. We gorged ourselves, thanked Mrs. Ryan, and started walking to the Sweet Shoppe. We were wearing our Rigma jackets, and about two blocks from Rich's house, a car with six guys from the Oakland Trojans club screeched to a halt and jumped out of the car with baseball bats and a ttire iron.

Rich stood firm, bravely ready to defend us and save me. I, on the other hand, jumped onto the porch of the nearest stranger's house and yelled as loud as I could, "Mom, call the police!" The Oakland guys ran back to their car and took off. Rich's bravery gave us just enough time for my instinct for survival (fear) to take over, so we saved each other. We laughed about it all the way to the Sweet Shoppe and celebrated with a French burger and a cherry coke.

Rest in Peace, Rich.



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