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Ray Paoli

Ray Paoli

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07/15/14 10:56 PM #1    

Doug Rigney

It's said here that Ray died in 1971 contrary to what I truely believe was several years ealier while I was serving in the Army and in Germany ...  (Somewhere between 1966-1968). I recall getting a leter from my "wife to be" while there in Germany that he died, and his parents gave his PH Class ring to another Buddy of ours.

I'd say that Ray was one of my best short list of friends in HS and truely missed the opportunity to say so to his parents. 

Ray and I after HS piolted auto's on rallys navigating between points based on instructions we needed to inturpt. Usually ended up at some Pitza jouint at the end. (No beer there as we were underage).and the fad of these rallys ended shortly after I went into military service.

Ray was so great and I miss him so much as he, (among "freinds" I thoutht I had), was a true buddy.

I wish I was then adult enough to contact his parents and say some of this to them, way back then. And a "Oh Well" now isn't good enough now.

Doug, and forgive me for spelling errors as this venue or web site has no spppppel check feature and is a bit difficult to review.



07/18/14 02:12 AM #2    

Steve French

Hi Doug,

I remember Ray too, and I liked him, but didn't know him really well. Strangely though, my sister-in-law met Ray's sister. I can let his sister know of your comments through my sister-in-law. I think it would mean a lot to Ray's sister.


steve french

07/18/14 08:49 PM #3    

Bob Ball (-)

I happened to see Ray's mother's obituary in the Contra Costa Times a couple of months ago. She passed away on April 26, 2014 at the age of 95 in Rossmoor. She was survived by her daughter Grace Paoli Von Querner. You may remember that Ray died on November 13, 1973 in Cambodia. He was in the Air Force and while there on R&R, he was bitten by bee while playing golf which caused an infection which caused him to die from encephalitis 3 weeks later. I remember that Ray enjoyed golf and was on the golf team at PHS. I see that his mother also enjoyed golf all her life.

08/03/14 02:09 PM #4    

Tyler Hunt

08/17/14 11:13 AM #5    

Bud DeLauer

Ray was serving our country in the United States Air Force in Cambodia when he passed on at about 21 years of age...We were to start a racing team(Delpa Racing) upon his return, and I had his car 'ready to go with his name painted on it' in my garage...Ray was a 'natural' race driver, and would have done very well..He had no fear of going fast and had a true love and feel for  auto racing... I kept 'DeLpa Racing' painted on my race car for several years..I'm sure Ray's racing now up in Heaven!

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