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07/13/14 09:47 PM #3    

Lawrence (Larry) Choy

If I want to attend the Picnic, can you tell me how I would sign up and how much is the cost?

Do I bring my own food, or are you having everyone pay for the food, which is fine.     Are you going to also have a list of the people that plan to attend each event?

Larry Choy


09/07/14 06:47 PM #4    

Lawrence (Larry) Choy

Do you have a list of the people attending each event?

Larry Choy


09/09/14 07:15 PM #5    

Tyler Hunt

It's on the web site now

09/12/14 12:33 AM #6    

Gevenie Delsol (-)

Hi Kris,

The RSVP List is correct. We have you coming Friday and Sunday and not on Saturday. The RSVP list has the order as Friday, Sunday, Saturday (don't ask--it was for the file that I had with the menu choices for Sat. night---it made sense for me but not for the normal person). I look forward to seeing you tomorrow!


09/15/14 01:57 AM #7    


Charlie Rogerson

Lose a phone??

I found a nice large HTC phone, gold-trimmed, lying on a table at the Claremont Saturday night. Contact me and I'll get it to you.

Charlie Rogerson


09/15/14 03:23 AM #8    


Charlie Rogerson

All right, got my photos from all three events posted. Too much work right now to try to identify everyone in each photo with a caption. There're some terrible shots in there, and some really nice ones. I left them all for you to enjoy. What a great group of people! That was really fun. Many thanks to those who made it happen, and to those who showed up and made it such a great time. Keep in touch, post more stories. Cheers.

09/15/14 03:34 PM #9    

Bob Ball (-)

Thanks Charlie for sending photos so quickly! We'll be enjoying these past 3 days for a long time.

09/15/14 06:16 PM #10    


Charlie Rogerson

Thanks Bob - you were one of the guiding lights - I'll upload them again to the "Reunion Pictures" folder.

09/15/14 10:37 PM #11    

Bob Ball (-)

Thanks Charlie! I'm glad you've decided to join us with working with on our reunion committee. Most of us have enjoyed these for years with great success.

09/16/14 11:36 AM #12    


Kris Evans (Degen)

I am back home in Laguna, my heart overflowing with warmth from seeing so many dear old friends. None of the conversations was long enough, but the hugs were wonderful. Although we see each other rarely, the bonds between us are palpable. Thanks sooooo much to the Reunion Committee: your tireless work is greatly appreciated by those of us who fly in and fly out without helping. To all those whom I never got to talk to: see you in '24, if not before. Love, Kris 

09/17/14 05:48 AM #13    

Edwin Clausen


how do we access the photos? Great of you to do this!!


09/17/14 08:06 PM #14    


Charlie Rogerson

Ed, they're not in "50th Reunion Photos", as that's not working right yet. I'll put them there when it's working.

I uploaded them to "1964 Class Photos"/"Current Classmate Photos"/"Charlie Rogerson". There are some good ones of you. Let me know if you can't see them.

Cheers, Charlie

09/17/14 11:30 PM #15    

Kathryn Kasch (-)

thanks Charlie and Kris for posting yr photos so quickly!  ...  well done,   Kathy K.



09/18/14 11:24 AM #16    


Michael White

I had the greatest time at the reunion. Thanks to all that made it happen. On my way to our cabin at Echo Lake for 3 wks. Gonna close it up for the winter, if we have one?  y'all take care.....

09/18/14 12:47 PM #17    


Tom Sutcliffe

Mike, Echo Lake in Montana? We rented a house their one August. We rented a pontoon at Flathead and cruised for a day. Ate at the echo lake cafe. Beautiful. T

09/18/14 01:32 PM #18    


Barbara Wood (Benson)

Thank you, thank you to the committee and all of my classmates for such a memorable weekend. It is truly a pleasure to be part of this special class. Keep in touch. Remember to count all the good things every day - my count includes all of you.

09/18/14 03:43 PM #19    

Tyler Hunt

50th Reunion pictures can be seen and posted to he gallery Class Picture/50th Reuion pictures

09/18/14 10:12 PM #20    

George Kay

Thank you, once again, to all of you who planned such a fun reunion. I wish we had more time to talk to everyone. We are now back in Mt. Shasta and are getting ready for our youngest son's wedding on the 27th. I am sure everyone has heard about the devastating fire in the town of Weed (yes, Weed was Up In Smoke), but, seriously, more than half of the town burned in a matter of an hour and 150 families are without their homes. We had a tense few hours, hoping the wind did not shift, which would have brought the fire to Mt. Shasta. Weed is just 9 miles north of us, which is not far when you are talking about wildfires. We are safe, and the rain last night helped our tinder-box situation. Enough of the news update, and here's to the next reunion!!

George and Terry Kay

09/19/14 01:48 PM #21    

Christy Farrell (Foster)

Gosh, this is fun. I do enjoy reading updates and staying connected.  Yes, KUDOS to all involved with Reunion Committee!  Steve and I had a fabulous time, as usual.  Really did regret not floating around more to "catch up" with more classmates . . . the time just flew by and then we were back in Laguna Beach by 7:30 Sunday evening and it was like "Hey, were we even there?"  

Dick Thunen, didn't get to talk to you, but heard you live in Crystal Cove and that's like one mile from us in North Laguna.  Go figure, have never run into you down here.

George & Terry, we have been hearing about fire in Weed, had no clue how close that is to yours.  Very scary!

Justin, thanks for all the delicious vino and to all those who made such gracious donations.  

Again, thanks to all those who planned our Reunion Weekend and also to all those fellow classmates who attended.  It's obvious the Class of 1964 truly has always been the BEST CLASS TO GO THRU PHS! 

Hugs to all and so sorry I missed talking with a lot of you.



09/20/14 07:09 PM #22    

Phoebe Wall (Wilson)

Back in Pasadena, up to my elbows working on a reunion of my group of junior-year-abroad classmates and getting a taste of what you all on the PHS committee went through to give all us layabouts such a good time...  the lists, the arrangements, the reservations, the negotiations, the lists, the name tags, the spreadsheets, the emails – omg, the emails! – and the lists!! 

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for doing such a fantastic job and giving us all so much joy! 

And I'm with Christy – I wish I'd made it around to talk to more of you!


09/21/14 12:01 PM #23    

Sue Emerson (Clark)

Thank you so much to the entire committee for such a well-planned, incredible reunion. These events don't just " happen". It takes hours and hours of meetings, planning and a great division of labor! We had a fabulous time. I'm loving reading about more and more classmates as they post info on their pages. I LOVE this website. It will continue to keep us all together. Thanks again.

09/21/14 02:08 PM #24    

Tyler Hunt

Sent by Christina Orth


A 50th High School Reunion, and a Generation to Follow


The Class of 1964 is the first graduating class of the post-World War II baby boom and the leading edge of the generation retreating to retirement.

Or, copy and paste this URL into your browser:

09/21/14 02:20 PM #25    


Helene Silver


I, too, want to thank the reunion Committee for their work and care in putting this all together for us.  It was fantastic and I enjoyed every minute.  Kris, I was looking for you and didn't see you!  I, too, find the connection between us a palpable fondness and care.  I missed seeing all of you and enjoyed so much connecting with those I did connect with....hope we can get together again before too long!


09/22/14 02:39 PM #26    

Mari McGaughey (Greves)

Dear Wonderful Reunion Committee and all those who made an effort to attend the reunion, John and I were overwhelmed by the warm welcome, great fellowship and joy of our 50th! You made the occasion truly a memorable celebration. I left wanting more. All those conversations I wish we could have shared, those people across the room that I wanted to get to, the stories I wanted to hear made me nostalgic and wishing I could have known you all better. Although more than a bit anxious about attending, we were immediately made at ease at the relaxed "ice breaker" Temescal picnic. Thanks again to the committee for the great food and wine (Justin!), placemats, pictures, the piper, all of the amazing organization and this awesome website. We're looking forward to the next reunion and hoping to catch up with those we missed at this one! Best wishes to all! Hugs! Mari

09/22/14 10:18 PM #27    

Lorinne Lee

It was truly wonderful to visit with so many PHS friends.  Your lives are filled with beautiful families, great professions, and interesting-experiences. I applaud each reunion-committee member for their outstanding efforts to make the reunion a huge success.  Thank you too for the PHS yearbook pictures from 50 years ago!  It brought back great memories, and it made us all reflect how important high-school was for all of us.  I wish everyone continued happiness and good health.  Thank you so much, Lorinne Lee-Tracy

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