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10/02/14 03:31 PM #30    


Bette Borden (Felton)

Hi Dear PHS friends,  

Many thanks for all the notes and emails about the reunion picnic at our house.    You deserve the thanks for the wonderful gifts, flowers, and enthusiasm as we reconnected with so many classmates.   Jim and I had a great time too, mostly because of the help of our big reunion committee, and the mini picnic committee of Meg Crosby, Sue Towle, Linda Ingalls, Terry Sarver and Georgie Mosher.   Merci to all for a great party!

Since we are all old,  a few things were forgotten at our house:  a straw hat, a beach towel, and a purple woman's jacket.   Let me know at and I'll send the items to you!   

And once was a great reunion!        Bette and Jim Felton

10/04/14 02:53 PM #31    

Pamela Russell (Platt de Barba)

Redundancy is unavoidable...the Reunion was great, in all respects and I send my thanks to all who made it so. I have arrived back in Spain after a fruitful trip, including a visit with my family and the inauguration of the Stags Leap Cellars Visitor Center in Napa, which my husband designed and is worth a visit both for the excellent wines and the venue. Piedmont is really a special place to grow up and the long relationships show it. I send my best wishes to all. My only question is how did Donna Mulford get in so many pictures?

10/09/14 03:18 PM #32    


Linnea Soderlund

I've tried twice to post a comment to the "In Memory" page and have been unsuccessful.  I keep getting booted to another page and my text disappears.    Did anyone else have this problem?   Any advice would be appreciated.   Thanks.      -   Linnea Soderlund

10/14/14 01:41 AM #33    


Linnea Soderlund

I heard there is a memorial service for Mr. Hutchison on Saturday, Oct 18 somewhere in the Bay Area.

Does anyone have any details?   I believe this info came from someone in the PHS class of '88.

10/14/14 06:24 PM #34    

Bob Ball (-)

Mr. Hutchison passed away in June 2014 in Texas. His obituary is in the SF Chronicle under Lewis Hutchison which you can look up if you want to read it in the Chronicle. There is no memoriam event listed in his obituary. He lived in San Francisco for many years before moving to Texas.  Bob

10/15/14 12:35 PM #35    


Bud DeLauer

I'm sorry to hear that he has passed....He was a Good Guy...


10/16/14 08:49 PM #36    


Lowell Daun


Bud was a great guy to me as a newcomer to PHS. He went out of his way to be friendly and was a hoot when we had chances to kick back. Sunday mornings when I returned to Piedmont while on college vacations, I alswas went to the newsstand, intending to support a friend's family. My prayers go out to his family and friends.



12/08/14 12:49 AM #37    


Charlie Rogerson

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for the New Year!

I hope everyone has a wonderful time and doesn't get stressed out. You have my permission to say "No".



08/15/15 07:53 PM #38    


Kris Evans (Degen)

Because some of you knew or took lessons from my mom.

08/16/15 12:15 PM #39    

Mary McLean (Patterson)

Kris, So sorry for your loss. Your mother sounds like she was an amazing woman and I can see her resemblance in you.  

08/16/15 01:36 PM #40    

Nancy Nebeker

Kris, my sincere condolences to you and your family and thank you for sharing. It is difficult to lose a parent under any circumstances but her inspiring character lives on in you.

08/16/15 02:54 PM #41    

Christina Orth

Dear Kris,

Your mother was an amazing, accomplished person.  Can't help but think what else she would have accomplished if she had lived in a more liberated world for women.  I wish I had known her story when we were young. She would have been a great role model. My condolences to you and John.

Fondly, Christina Orth

08/16/15 03:02 PM #42    

Pamela Russell (Platt de Barba)

dear Kris, I remember your mother like it was yesterday..especially her energy and her voice..amazing after all these years.sincerest condolences and a big hug from Spain.Pam

08/17/15 12:49 PM #43    


Helene Silver

 Dear Kris,

I am so sorry for your loss. I didn't know your Mom, and I wish that I had.  She sounds amazing and you were so fortunate to have such a role model.  Your resemblance is obvious and I send a hug to you and John.  Please give him my condolences as well.

As we have already communicated since the reunion, I was really sorry not to have seen you then and look forward to our next one where I will go to as many of the weekend plans as possible.

With love,






08/30/15 06:54 PM #44    

Kathryn Kasch (-)

Hi Kris,  As you know, I did know your Mother - not so much as a musician, but as a strong, smart,  lively woman ...  I  didn't know her whole story, but I certainly admired her, and hope to come to the memorial. ..

And, as you know, because of our '04 PHS reunion picnic, I had a role in nudging her to Lake Park where my Mother had moved.

Love,  Kathryn


10/16/16 04:52 PM #45    

Brian Kaven

  Kris,  I am just now seeing the news that your mother passed on. Condolences to you and your family.   I have such good memories of your mom. I recall so well how how bright she was, but always with a sense of humor. And, she was the consumate multi -tasker. Ths standout was piano lessons. The student would be at the piano in the living room, and your mom would be in the ktchen working on a signature dish ( I recall the beef stroganoff).  The hapless student would make a mistake, but your mother was listening to every nuance. The admonishment would then ring out from the kitchen and the lesson would then continue.  And, there was her hand painting greetings cards for charity while doing three other things at the same time. I could go on.  Both your mom and dad  set the example. They both are remembered in the most positive way.  I hope all the good your parents did provides you with some solace.
Best wishes,

10/17/16 11:52 AM #46    


Kris Evans (Degen)

To Brian and all the lovely ladies who wrote messages regarding my mom: Many thanks for your kind words. She truly was a great role model in so many ways: a powerful feminist before the word was invented. Hugs to you all, Kris


03/15/17 01:18 AM #47    

Bob Ball (-)

Dear 1964 Classmates: It's been a sad year so far in 2017. We have lost fellow classmates Tom Williamson on 2/24/17 due to pancreatic cancer, Bud Delauer on 2/25/17 due to brain cancer, and Mr. Jack Stack on 3/2/17 at age 88 due to brain cancer. Also, we lost Fred Damert in 7/15 due to ALS.

03/15/17 12:28 PM #48    

Tish Berolsky (Meals)


My most respectful words go out to the Williamson family. Their legacy will always stay with me and those they touched at Piedmont High. I knew Tom from the moment he stepped into our class at Beach School. He always strived for the best, and earned the respect of everyone. Words can not really describe all he and his family meant to me. I am in contact with his mother and I feel her pain. She was Tom's rock, she became my rock. Go quietly into the night Tom, knowing you will always share the hearts of the many you touched.



03/16/17 01:36 AM #49    

John Pettis

For those who wish to attend, there will be a memorial service for Bud Delauer at 12:00 on March 31 at the Hull Chapel in the Saranap area of Walnut Creek with a reception at the Lafayette Library immediately followiing.


03/16/17 04:51 PM #50    

Bob Ball (-)

Tom's memorial service was this morning March 16 at the National Cathedral in Washington DC. Nearly 1500 attended including our fellow classmates Mike McDevitt, Nancy Haselden, Auban Slay. 

03/17/17 11:52 AM #51    

Mari McGaughey (Greves)

Thanks so much, Bob, for keeping us informed. It is sad to know we are 70 and our friends are leaving us. Having just been diagnosed with breast cancer and a blood disorder, I am all too aware... I have always been grateful for our remarkable class and wonderful teachers. Buddy DeLauer asked me to go steady in the 5th or 6th grade at Wildwood. He was always such a sweet young man. I'm afraid I wasn't so nice to him, but I have always remembered him fondly. Of course, Tom Williamson, defined our class. We all knew how talented he was and that he would go on to do great things. How fitting that so many attended his service at the National Cathedral! I am so glad that PHS was represented there. I saw a tribute online by Eric Holder to Tom, when Tom was installed as president of the DC law society. (It was interesting to know that Tom's son, Tom the 3rd, is an actor on the TV show The Fosters). I was delighted to meet Tom's lovely wife, Shelley, at our reunion. His interview at the time about growing up in Piedmont made me sad, realizing how just hard it was for him to break "the color barrier", especially since we all knew he was an amazing person and greatly respected. Bob, you have always been a great class president. Best wishes to all. Mari Greves

03/30/17 04:13 PM #52    

Steve French

Thank you Bob for passing on this sad message, it's taken me awhile to process it. I miss all of them.


Steve French

02/11/23 10:16 PM #53    


Charlie Rogerson

Just found some photos of Bob from the 2007 reunion. I posted them on his page on this site. I may have some more, but I think these capture him well.

02/25/23 04:31 PM #54    

Frank Haswell



I have a program on my computer which reminds me of friends birthdays. It just reminded me of Bob Ball's birthday on the 26th of February.

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